Materials that maintain high hardness and strength at elevated temperatures (referred to as ‘Hard Materials’) are evolving faster today than at any time in history. Their development is considered as the foundation to build on, and innovate with, in all branches of engineering; from tribology to electronics and from transportation to energy. Since ‘Hard Materials’ operate at the leading edge of technology, continued research and development of such materials is critical to meet the technological challenges of the future. With the convergence of nanotechnology, surface modification, and functionally graded materials to the cognitive science of cemented carbides, cermets, advanced ceramics, super-hard materials and composites, it is clearly evident that the full potential of this class of materials is far from exhausted. The realization of these multifaceted objectives will not only require an improved knowledge of basic principles combined with a better understanding of process/structure/property relationships, but also a close cooperation and dialogue among scientists, technologists and manufacturers. It is goal of the International Conferences on the Science of Hard Materials to provide an interdisciplinary forum for presentation, discussion, and exchange of theoretical and applied concepts to help in the advancement of ‘Hard Materials.’

To attain the goals of the conference, the following topics are addressed:

* Fundamental Properties

* Process/Structure/Property Correlation

* Processing Technology

* Nanotechnology

* Modeling

* Ceramics and Composites

* Superhard Materials

* Surface Modification Technology

* Technical and Novel Innovations